We are proud to highlight that our company has more than 70 years of experience in the market for the supply of technical equipment for ships. This long-standing commitment has allowed us to perfect our services, become an industry leader and gain recognition among seafarers on vessels around the world.

Ship equipment – speed and top quality

Our unquestionable strengths are the professionalism with which we are guided at every stage of order fulfilment and the remarkable speed of delivery of shipboard, hotel and machinery supplies. We are committed to providing our customers not only with high quality technical ship’s supplies, but also with an effective and efficient order handling process.

We only use goods from reputable manufacturers of deck hardware in our operations. We have built solid relationships with leading industry suppliers, which enables us to offer the highest quality products to our customers. Our competitive prices are the result of long-term partnerships with suppliers, allowing us to effectively manage costs and pass on the benefits to our customers.

In order to accommodate the unique needs of ships, quotations are prepared based on detailed ship requirements. Our specialist teams operate from ISSA (International Ship Suppliers and Services Association) and IMPA (International Maritime Purchasing Association) catalogues, allowing us to deliver ship equipment products to the highest industry standards.

Where do we supply our marine equipment?

Our activities include comprehensive supply in all ports in Poland and most ports in Europe. We offer not only the supply of technical equipment for ships, but also a comprehensive supply of food for crews, making our offer a comprehensive response to the needs of vessels.

Supply of boarding, hotel, machinery materials – all in one place

The electrical, hotel, deck and machinery supplies we supply cover a diverse range of product groups, meeting the needs of ships. Our range is not only technical equipment, but also a wide range of articles including:

  • Cleaning materials and household chemicals – we offer high-quality cleaning products to keep ships in impeccable hygienic condition.
  • Protective equipment and workwear – we ensure the safety of crews by providing comprehensive protective equipment and comfortable and functional workwear.
  • Kitchen equipment and kitchen essentials – we supply a complete range of kitchen products, from equipment to groceries.
  • Office supplies – we provide the necessary office supplies to effectively manage ship documentation.
  • Nautical charts and publications – our range includes up-to-date nautical charts and publications, supporting safe navigation.
  • Pneumatic tools and workshop equipment – we supply high quality tools and workshop equipment, supporting all repair work.
  • Steel products, valves, bolts and nuts – we offer a comprehensive range of steel products, valves and fasteners.
  • Insulation, packaging and filter materials – for proper insulation and packaging, we supply high-quality insulation materials and filter mats.
  • Bearings and electromechanical equipment – our range includes precision bearings and a variety of electromechanical equipment.
  • Welding equipment – we provide the necessary equipment for all welding work on vessels.

Our company is not just a supplier of technical equipment for ships, but a partner that understands the unique needs of shipping. With our experience, professionalism and comprehensive offer, we are ready to meet even the most demanding expectations of our customers on the seas and oceans of this world.